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Pia Tafdrup


Born, 29 May in Copenhagen. Grew up in North Zealand on Endrupgård near Fredensborg, later on Rosendal near Hornbæk and Ålsgårde.

Graduated from Elsinore Gymnasium. Moved to Elsinore (1971-78).

Master of Arts from Copenhagen University.

Moved to Funen, first in Herringe, later i Rudme with a studio in Østerbro in Copenhagen.

First poem published in the literary journal Chancen.

When An Angel Breaks Her Silence. Poems. Borgens Publisher.

No Hold. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Constellations, An Anthology of Danish Poetry 1976-81 (ed). Systime.

The Innermost Zone. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Reading in Norway.

Awarded a 3-year grant from The Council of Arts Foundation. Readings in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Spring Tide. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Transformations. Poetry 1980-1985 (ed). Systime. Arranger of Poetry 85 at Louisiana Museum. Various reviews of Danish and international poetry as well as poetry presentations in the daily newspaper, Politiken. Readings in Sweden and Austria.

White Fever. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Holger Drachmann Award. Readings in Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Participated in Resonance on Danish Radio with Poul Borum and Anders Bodelsen 1986-87. Extended travel in the United States, including a tour of about 20 states with the photographer Jacob Holdt (American Pictures). Henri Nathansen Award and Otto Rung Writers Award. Readings in England, Sweden, Finland and USA.

The Bridge of Moments. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Death in the Mountains. Play. Performed at Odense Theater (premier 14 April). Book publication by Theaterpress Drama. Readings in Slovenia, Norway, Germany and Sweden.

Spring Tide. Translated by Anne Born. Forest Books. London and Boston. Pia Tafdrup Ten Poems. Translated by Roger Greenwald. Cloudberry Foundation. Toronto. Extended travel in USA (see 1987). Appointed to The Danish Academy. Awarded Tagea Brandts Travel Fund. Readings in Germany, Sweden and Canada.

Radio Theater: Death in the Mountains. Readings in Sweden, England, Norway and Russia.

1991: The Earth is Blue. Play, performed at Odense Theater (premier 2 November). Book publication by Theaterpress Drama. Walking Over the Water. An Outline of a Poetics. Borgens Publishers. Translated My Time, My Animal, a sound play by Eva Ström for Danish Radio Theater. Edith Rodes Award and Einar Hansen Research Foundation Prize. Member of The Danish Language Council until 1999. Readings in Norway, Russia and Germany.

Moved to Østerbro in Copenhagen. The Crystal Forest. Poems. Borgens Publishers. One of 7 dramatists in a production at Betty Nansen Theater on The Seven Mortal Sins. Translated The Search for a Room to Grow in. About Göran Schildt. Introduction to a film. Mandart Production. Extended visit to Jerusalem. Bangs Grant. Readings in Austria, Germany, Rumania, Sweden and Norway.

Reading from The Earth is Blue at Dramaten in Stockholm. Translated Johannes Brobowski poems for Danish Radio Theater. Dialogue with Johannes Bobrowski by Paavo Rintala. Extended stay in Jerusalem, writer in residence at Mishkenot sha´ananim in Jerusalem. Chairman of The Art Expert Commity of Three for Literary Art of The Council Arts Foundation until 1996. Translated poems by Shirley Kaufmann for Alef, Journal of Jewish culture 9. Translated poems by Øyvind Berg for The Blue Gate 24. Translated poems by Stig Larsson for Poetry 96, 15 European Poets from 15 Countries (ed Janus Kodal and Henrik Fuglsang). Readings in Norway, England, Sweden, USA and Germany.

Territorial Song. Poems. Borgens Publishers. Participated in Nobel Symposium 92, arranged by The Swedish Academy. Contribute to Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 92. Of Thoughts and Words. The Relation Between Language and Mind (ed. Sture Allén). The Ankerske Grant. Nominated for Nordic Council Literature Prize for Territorial Song. Readings in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

The Body Always Has At Least One Wound. Pia Tafdrup's Writings (ed. Carsten Dilling). Copenhagen. The Day your light. Translated by Marie Silkeberg and Magnus William-Olsson. Bonniers Publishers, Stockholm. Recorded own poetry on CD (CD 3501-2) Pia Tafdrup: Selected Poems 1981-1994. Morten Nielsen Memorial Grant and Weekend Avisens Literature Prize. Readings in Germany, Italy and Sweden.

Emil Aarestrup Medal. Readings in Sweden, Italy, France, Norway, and Belgium.

Walking Over the Water. An Outline of a Poetics translated to Swedish. Translated by Anders Palm. Ellerströms Kristianstad. Extended stay in France. Danish Literary Prize for Women by Ragna Sidéns Foundation. Readings in Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

Queen´s Gate. Poems. Gyldendal Publishers. Extended stay in USA. The Council of Arts Foundation´s Lifelong Artists´Grant. Readings in Sweden, Luxembourg, Iceland, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Finland and Slovenia.

Thousand Born. Poems. Gyldendal Publishers. Selected Poems 1981-83. Gyldendal Publishers. Libretto to dance production, The Town of Viso (Choreography, Efva Lilja) premiere in The Dance House in Stockholm 9 October. Participated as reader in Poetry in Transit in New York, extended stay there. Recorded ten poems on CD Future Memories. Night of the Poets. (ISBN 91-88152-17-0, Bokbandet, Stockholm). Nordic Council Literary Award for Queen's Gate. Readings in Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Israel, Iceland, Lithuania and USA.

Poems 1984-1988. Gyldendal Publishers. The Crystal Forest. Translated by Carl Gustaf Bjurström. Circé/poésie, France. Quiet Explosions. Translated by Milan Richter. ESA, Bratislava. Queen´s Gate. Translated by Sven Christer Swahn. Ellerströms Lund. Recorded Booktraders Lyric CD 11 (from Queen´s Gate) (Book-15-00). Readings in France, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Slovakia, England and Canada.

Poems 1989-98. Gyldendal Publishers. Queen´s Gate. Translated by David McDuff. Bloodaxe, Northumberland. Appointed Knight of the Danish Flag Order. Reading in Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Vietnam, England and France. 2002: The Whales in Paris. Poems. Gyldendal Publishers. Readings in Belgium, Ireland, Porto Santo, Madeira, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Norway.

Translated Eva Ström: Ribbensbyerne. Poems. (From Swedish: Revbensstäderna). Gyldendal. Thousandborn: The Poet Pia Tafdrup. A film by Cæcilia Holbek Trier Cosmo Film a/s. Readings in Sweden, Germany, Estonia, France, Austria, Finland, Rumania and Mexico.

Surrender. Novel. Gyldendal Publishers. Ponto de Focagem do Oceano. Translated by Laureano Silveira a.o. Quetzal Editores, Lisbon. Kristalni gozd. Translated by Maja Caserman. Aleph. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Bindoðumlu. Translated by Murat Alpar. Papirüs Yayinevi. Istanbul, Turkey. Valarna i Paris. Translated by Sven Christer Swahn. Ellerströms Förlag, Sweden. Readings in China, Cuba, Colombia, US, Sweden, Latvia, Greece and Argentina.

Territorial Song in Hebrew. Translated by Miriam Eytan. Carmel, Israel. Å gi seg bort. Translated by Stein Versto. Det Norske Samlaget, Oslo. Translated Edith Södergran from Swedish together with others in Triumf at være til. Nansensgade Antikvariats Publishers, Copenhagen. The Soeren Gyldendal Award 2005. Readings in Slovenia, US, Macedonia, Greenland and Japan.

Tarkovsky´s Horses. Poems. Gyldendal Publishers. Ge sig hän. Translated by Jan Henrik Swahn. Wahlström & Widstrand, Stockholm. De koninginnepoort, trans. Jytte Kronig. Wagner & Van Santen, Amsterdam 2006. Received The Nordic Prize 2006 from The Swedish Academy. Readings in Nicaragua, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Israel and Finland.

Jump Across The Shadow. Selected Poems 1981-2006. Poems. Copenhagen. Gyldendal Publishers. The Dreamt Tree. Photoes: Hanne Skyum. Poems Pia Tafdrup. Syddansk Universitetsforlag. Translated Tua Forsström: Sange. Poems. (From Swedish: Sånger). Gyldendal Publishers. Contributed to: Ekelöfs blik. En nordisk digterrejse. A film by Claus Bohm. Ge sig hän, trans. Jan Henrik Swahn. Wahlström & Widstrand. W&W Pocket Stockholm
Белези на галежот. Selected poems, trans. Zoran Anchevskij. SPE Publishing. Struga, Macedonia. Received The Council of Arts Foundation´s grant for "Tarkovsky´s Horses". Nominated to Danish Banks Literature Price. Readings in France, US, Norway, Macedonia

Boomerang. Poems. Gyldendal Publishers. Star Without Land. Novel. Gyldendal Publishers.
Writer in residence at Literarisches Colloquium in Wannsee, Germany. Readings: The Faroe islands, Turkey, Slovenia, England, Holland, India.

Elected member of The European Academy of Poetry.
The Ján Smrek Prize 2009, Slovakia. Los caballos de Tarkovski (Trans. Francisco J. Uriz). Readings in Norway, France, Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden and Mallorca.

The Migrant Bird´s Compass. Poems. Gyldendal. Also as CD: Pia Tafdrup: "The Bird Compass". CD read by the poet in Danish. Tarkovsky´s Horses and other Poems, trans. David McDuff, England 2010. Readings in Spain.
الكيد المرتدّ (Boomerang). Translated by Jamal Jumá. Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc. Beirut 2010 Readings in Spain, US, China.

Star Without Land. Translated by Janne Marie Fatland. Samlaget, Oslo. Reading in France, US, Sweden, Germany, Iceland and Spain.

Salamander Sun. Poems. Gyldendal. Reading in Peru, Sweden, Spain, England and Norway.

Member of Poets Circle. Salamandersol. Translated by Jonas Rasmussen. Ellerströms Förlag, Sweden
Reading in Sweden, Argentina, Macedonia, Greece.

The Taste of Steel. Poems. Gyldendal. Reading in India, Italia, Cyprus, Sweden and Germany.

2015: Salamander Sun & Other Poems. Trans. David McDuff, Northumberland, England 2015. Les Chevaux de Tarkovski. Trans. Janine & Karl Poulsen. Editions Unes. Readings in Germany, Norway, Canada and Sweden.

2016: The Smell of Snow. Poems. Gyldendal. Bulunduğun Yerde. Seçme Şiirler, trans. Murat Alpar. YKY Turkey. De paarden van Tarkovski, trans. Jytte Kronig. Wilde Aardbeien The Netherlands. Readings in The Netherlands, Norway and Czech republic.

Pia Tafdrup & Kikumi Shimoda: Duet of Snow. Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy: Poetic Dialogue. Junpa Books, Kyoto, Japan. Riječi Putuju. Poezija. Biblioteka S. Hieronymus. Translated by Milena Rudež. Kuca poezije, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Tarkowskis Pferde. Translated by Peter Urban-Halle. Lyrik Kabinett Munich, Germany. Readings in England and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany and Romania.

2018: The Sight of Light. Poems. Gyldendal.
Tarkovskin Hevoset translated by Pirkko Talvio-Jaatinen. Finland
Reading in Germany.