The Earth is Blue

The Earth is Blue. Play. Teaterforlaget Drama 1991. Cover: Teaterforlaget Drama.

The earth could be blue, as in Laura’s paintings. And full of love. But love and art are often in conflict with one another despite their common utopia.
   Laura is an artist on her way to a breakthrough – and mother of two sons in their early twenties. Laura has lived a life free of obligations, driven solely by what she wanted to do here and now.
   But after a love affair with a young man the same age as her sons, her life changes. She fights to unify the three roles of her existence: mother, lover, artist.
   In The Earth is Blue a suggestion is made of what happens when the father is absent. What happens when no one dares to be “grown-up”, when no one takes responsibility.

Translated by Thomas E. Kennedy

Pia Tafdrup
is a poet, writer and a member of The Danish Academy.

Honours include:

The Swedish Academy’s Nordic Prize 2006
The Soeren Gyldendal Award, 2005
The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize, 1999


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