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Opening event of Poetry Expo 23! Gail McConnell, Kristina Kočan, Paige Quiñones, Jan Wagner, Branko Čegec, Sudeep Sen, Jazra Khaleed, Jan Škrob, Pia Tafdrup and Gaia Ginevra Giorgi.

Jacob Holdt´s reception. Jacob Holdt and Pia Tafdrup: httpss:// April 2022

31st Medillin International Poetry Festival via Zoom 6. of August 2021 httpss://

3 leading international poets, Pia Tafdrup, Manuel Iris and Knut Ødegaard. Zoom 11. of May 2021 launched by Fiona Sampson and Sudeep Sen on YouTube.

Bloodaxe Books poetry online. Maria Stepanova (Russia) & Pia Tafdrup (Denmark) launched by Neil Astley on YouTube 23 March 2021. httpss://

Gentofte Bibliotek. Forfatterkvarteret. Interviewed by Signe Langtved Pallisgaard. February 2021.

23. of January 2020. Reading “Karens Minde Kulturhus”, Copenhagen. Pia Tafdrup m. fl.(producer Jens Rost) Pia Tafdrup: 17:46-29:22. Tafdrup

Bloodaxe Danish/English, Reading. Interview: httpss://

Participates in Væbnet med ord og vinger, Torben Skjødt Jensens doumentary about Michael Strunge 2018.

Lyrikporten – dir. Jørgen Leth, 2016 In Danish

Presentation of The Smell of Snow. Arrangement at Gyldendal. Publisher Johannes Riis interviews Pia Tafdrup on the 11th of May 2016 In Danish

The Smell of Snow, 2016
Credit: Simon Roldsgaard

DR K. Mine to verdner. Tilrettelæggelse Per Dohm, 2013

Watch the film Thousandborn_ – dir. Cæcilia Holbek Trier, 2003

Director: Cæcilla Holbek Trier
Producer: Annette Nørregaard
Cinematographer: Bo Tengberg
Sound: Jim Skau
Editing: Henrik Fleischer

Produced by Cosmo Films A/S with support from The Danish Film Institute (film consultant, Allan Berg Nielsen) and the Literature Council in co-production with Danish Radio.

Bazar – DR, 1984
Michael Strunge, Pia Tafdrup, Lola Baidel and Kristen Bjørnkjær
Unfortunately the beginning and end are missing from this version.

Pia Tafdrup
is a poet, writer and a member of The Danish Academy.

Honours include:

The Swedish Academy’s Nordic Prize 2006
The Soeren Gyldendal Award, 2005
The Nordic Council’s Literature Prize, 1999


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